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Business Transactions

McMullin & Associates represents individuals and businesses who seek to engage in asset sales, mergers, acquisitions or other strategic relationships. As well, McMullin & Associates has extensive experience in structure financial products and bespoke financing agreements designed to protect the interests of both the financier and the recipient of capital.  With extensive experience in banking sector, the team at McMullin & Associates is well positioned to understand the business interests of a given transaction and their interplay with relevant legal, regulatory and ethical considerations.


McMullin & Associates strives to approach deals through the eyes of their client; advancing the business interests with due consideration to the legal formalities required to consummate a deal. 

No-Fault Arbitration

Medical Service providers manage dual mandates; (1) providing medical services for the sick and injured and (2) managing the business dimension of their practice. Critical to the latter function is cash flow. Insurance companies rely on complex processes and regulations to withhold and/or delay payment to medical providers for services rendered. Doing so advantages the insurance company at the expense of the doctor community; enabling the insurance company to (a) generate interest on cash withheld and (b) benefit from time value of money erosion on future payments. Doing so forcefully converts the medical community into non-consenting creditors. 


McMullin & Associates will promptly and forcefully assert your rights in PIP arbitration against non compliant insurance companies. 

Trusts & Estates

Our personal planning services include traditional estate planning, trust drafting and advisory services. Our approach to estate planning includes a thorough review of your lifetime and testamentary planning needs and empowering you, the client, to import directly into our online portal a detailed inventory of both your assets and your wishes. Our drafting services emphasize wealth enhancement regardless of the assets committed for transfer.

Representing our clients often involves coordinating corporate activities and ownership with other members of our client's estate including financial planning professionals. We are comfortable collaborating with these parties and are confident that our business acumen, legal experience and problem-solving abilities to design a plan that meets your objectives.


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